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Veronica K


“I was looking to start my own stock video services, but that meant investing money, hours of backbreaking and still, being unsure if all this will pay off. Thankfully, I went for MarketStudio DFY Club and could sell it to hungry buyers for any price. Today, I have my own profitable stock video selling biz!”


Michael P


“I had to invest $50K to outsource only some royal-free soundtrack. Not anymore, once I upgraded to MarketStudio DFY Club, I don’t need to spend heavily. What’s more, I am also able to sell a large collection of music tracks to lots of desperate buyers at any price. It has helped me kick off my own profitable visual studio services at no extra cost and hassles. Recommended!”

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From The Desk Of IMReviewSquad & LogicBeam Softwares


Many congratulations on your decision to upgrade to MarketStudio DFY!

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If you always wanted to start your own profitable biz where you don’t need to set up any product and start selling immediately, it is possible easily!

And guess what? You don’t have to create your own product, spend months into research and development or deal with any business setup hassles anymore!

Because we are going to provide you with an awesome solution to help you sell stunning digital products in a flash and without backbreaking…

We Know What Challenges One Has To Face When Starting A New Software Business!

We are sure, you and many others like you have faced these challenges…

Creating a own digital product is not everyone’s cup of tea

Creating your own product means investing huge money, time and efforts. It takes months and years to do research and development. And even after you develop a product, you need to look after its support.


Not surety if the product will sell and help you make money or not

Even though you have created an awesome product, but still you can’t guarantee that it will sell and help you make money online. Customers are smart and they always look for alternate solutions for their problems and they may switch to other product. It means, you’ll face losses.


After sales support is a real pain

Let’s assume your product is selling like hot cake. But the more you onboard customers, the more fast and efficient service you need to provide to them. And if you fail to do so then you’ll end up getting negative reviews and your brand value goes down the drain. So trust us, customer support is a real pain.


All these challenges will cost you dearly!

Just Think How Much Money And Efforts You Have To Put In To Get A Single Solution Or Product In-Front Of The Customers…

And That’s Why We Decided To Develop A Solution That You Can Instantly Use And Start Selling
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Yes, that’s true!

We have done all the hard work for you…

We've spent years into backbreaking research, and development…

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A Quick Look At What You Will Get Inside This Awesome Upgrade To Start Your Online Software Selling Business Now…


It’s a suite consisting 3330+ soundFX. If you are a music creator, you can easily use royalty-free music and soundtracks to make your content stand out. What’s more, you can also sell these services to hungry buyers at any price, and pocket entire profits.



It gives you a huge collection of 1 Million+ searchable stock images. Lots of desperate customers are looking out for stock images and ready to pay top dollars. You can offer them these and start making money big time.



It lets you access a huge collection of 100K stock videos and memes. If you are into video marketing, this feature can help you upgrade your quality of videos. What’s more, you can also pitch these to people looking out for stock videos and make them pay any amount. Here, the opportunity to make huge moolah is waiting to be grabbed.



AudioStudio lets you unlock 3500+ High-Quality audios and 500+ background tracks. Unless your audios and background tracks are catchy, they may not bring the desired engagements. You can overcome this and use high-quality audio and background tracks - a must for radio ads and more. You can also sell these to hungry buyers at any price and enjoy 100% profits.



This pack lets you unlock a wide range collection of 29K+ logos. So many people pay lots to top sites even for downloading logos. You can pitch this collection of 29K+ logos to them at any price, and charge them an amount as per your wish.



It lets you enjoy a collection of 4000+ viral quotes - images and animated quotes. These elements can catch the attention of your users and lead to more views and engagements. A large number of people look for them and are ready to pay any amount. You can capitalize on this opportunity to offer to them any amount and start pocketing 100% of the profits yourself.



BrandingStudio lets you unwrap branding material, including 50 3D covers, 50 2D covers, 100 3D product layouts, 100 PPT covers, 50 CD/DVD designs, 50 FB timeline covers, 20 funnel image designs, 150+ affiliate banner designs, and even 50 infographics. Branding materials are needed while launching products and people pay so much to access them. You can offer them these at an amount of your choice, and profit big time.



A collection of 190K+ vectors, icons, and 500+ avatars or characters in diverse poses is packed inside a ready-to-setup digital product suite. Just like the above examples, you can also start selling VectorStudio services to customers at any price point, and fulfil your wish to make money online.



GreenScreenStudio lets you pocket thousands of attention-grabbing GreenScreen Videos. GreenScreen Videos capture the attention of your users big time and boost engagements. You can use them for your own use or simply offer them to lots of buyers at any price and enjoy 100% profits.



This pack lets you access thousands of amazing PPT videos. You can capitalize on all these to supercharge engagements in any niche. But it is also possible to make massive money by selling these stunning PPT videos to hungry customers at any price as per your wish.


That’s Why MarketStudio DFY Club Is Just
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Video Content Creators & Marketers


Audio, Radio & Podcast Content Creators


Digital Marketing Services Providers


Funnel Builders & Web Designers


Local Business Lookingh To Create Marketing Material

And Many More…

People Are Looking For Smart Solutions To Help Them Solve Everyday Business Challenges…

Did you know there are so many businesses and individuals who are looking for marketing, branding and business solutions…

  • Everyone is craving for either more engagement for their marketing campaigns
  • Some are looking grow thor fan following
  • Some are are looking for ways to grow their business online

But they are unaware of what will work for them even if they create it on their own, outsource, buy from leading sources despite investing heavy charges…

And that’s why they are even paying so much to use, download, outsource, or freelance even a single solution….

It’s where you can simply help them avoid all these hassles and rely on 10 stunning digital products that you can use yourself or even sell to hungry buyers…

And That’s Why You Can Now…

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Yes, by offering these digital products, you can help people and businesses fulfil their biz motives like engagements, leads, conversions and profits…

And guess what?

These 10 incredible software solutions are bound to sell like a hot cake…

Because these digital products are created by industry experts that are bound to convert…

Now the most important part - you can offer them to hungry buyers at any price as per your wish…

In turn, it will help you to pocket 100% pure profits…

This way, your long-craved wish to start your own digital product selling biz will also get fulfilled…

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Kristine P


“I started my own branding services biz using MarketStudio DFY Club, and even able to scale up to $50K+ per month profits as per my wish. It’s because I am able to offer my services at any price point. Highly recommended.’


David D


“If you have been struggling to make money online, my recommendation will be MarketStudio DFY Club. Because it sets me free to start my own biz and offer ready to profit digital products at any price point. Go for it.”

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The ClientFinder App is developed by MarketStudio and is cloud-hosted.

It is the perfect module that you need to add to your digital marketing arsenal if you find lead generation cumbersome.

Yep, leave all your lead generation hassles, and let this fabulous app help you find super qualified leads, and even solve your many real business problems.

Wait, it is not the end of it - you also get to make anywhere between $500-2000 per client.

Yes, you can do that now even if you are a newbie with only a few mouse clicks.

And rightly so…

The ClientFinder App also helps Affiliates, Digital Marketers, eCom Biz, Link Builders, SEOs and others to unlock a sustainable income stream.


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MarketStudio DFY Club


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DFY Club

  • FXStudio (Collection of 50K+ Searchable Musics & 3300+ SoundFX)
  • VizualStudio (Collection of 6M+ Searchable Stock Images & GIFs)
  • VidStudio (Collection of 1M+ Searchable Stock Videos and Memes)
  • AudioStudio (Collection of 3500+ HQ Audios & 500+ Background Tracks)
  • LogoStudio (Collection of 29K+ Logos)
  • QuoteStudio (Collection of 4000+ Viral Quotes - Images and Animated Quotes)
  • BrandingStudio (Collection of Branding Material Including 50 3D Covers, 50 2D Covers, 100 3D Product Layouts, 100 PPT Covers, 50 CD/DVD Designs, 50 Facebook Timeline Covers, 20 Funnel Image Designs, 150+ Affiliate Banner Designs & 50 Infographics)
  • VectorStudio (Collection of 190K+ Vectors, Icons & 500+ Avatars/Characters in different poses
  • GreenScreenStudio (Collection of Thousands of Green Screen Videos)
  • PPTStudio (Collection of Thousands of PPT Videos)

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What Is MarketStudio DFY Club?

MarketStudio DFY Club lets you set up 10 amazing digital products suiting every niche and sell all for any price point. In short, it’s your passport to begin your profitable biz at a one-time price!

Will Training Be Provided?

Oh yes. You will access step-by-step training material to help you make the most of it.

Will I Need To Have Prior Tech Skills To Use It?

Nope. Even a newbie with zero technical know-how can use this module with ease.

Is My Money Safe?

Yes, if you don’t see this upgrade working for you, you can ask for a refund within 30 days, and stop your money from being wasted.

Do I Need To Pay Recurring Charges?

No, this upgrade is available for you at a one-time price. But it is only a one-time deal. It means if you miss it, you may have to pay more.


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